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Will I Have To Take MACA For The Rest of My Life ?  No, since MACA is not replacing hormones it is fine to start using the herb at any time and to stop without any danger to the body. It is advisable not to use it continuously but to alternate periods of taking the herb with periods of rest from the herb to maximize the body's response to MACA. For example, stay on 90 - 120 days and off 30 days might be a good rest period for the body.

How Does MACA Compare to Other Menopausal Herbs Like Black Cohosh or Other Women's Formulas ?  MACA may help provides the ingredients to support menopausal health. The herb works through the hypothalamus and pituitary to help insure balanced and healthy hormone levels in the body. Many men and women notice the difference within a week! MACA helps promote sexual functioning, insures vaginal lubrication, and, in general, brings about all the benefits of healthy, balanced hormone levels in the body. Black Cohosh, licorice root, and soy products all contain weak plant estrogens and have not been satisfying to most women. Many women do not feel a difference when they take these herbs or the effect is not lasting.  For this reason we feel 
Imperial Gold Maca™  is a better choice and the results are quick. See The Menopause Experience

MACA's Effect on Sports Performance:   Maca is very effective for athletes and active people. Workouts and over all physical endurance and performance have increased dramatically with continued use. The head trainer of a major league U.S. baseball team ordered MACA for the entire team as an integral part of their sports nutrition program after using it himself and experiencing that it supported his energy. Men who work out have begun to use MACA to promote stamina and personal trainers are recommending it to their clients. Athletes notice a difference within an hour and excel with greater endurance. See Men's Health

Can MACA Be Taken With DHEA? Many people have used MACA with DHEA  and they have not experienced any negative reactions. But when they did discontinue the use of DHEA they generally had the same positive effects without the use of the hormone, DHEA. 

How Effective Is MACA As An Aphrodisiac? MACA's ability to act as an aphrodisiac is well known. Ask almost any South American if they have ever heard of MACA and they will probably smile back and say "Oh, yes, Spanish Viagra™". MACA is not Viagra™, but it does nurture the hormonal system of men and women so well that a healthy hormonal balance is restored and the body can operate at optimum conditions. Some studies have recently indicated that the reason for the libido enhancing effect of MACA is due to isocyanothides and fatty acids. Further research is needed. See Scientific Study

How Does MACA Balance Hormones In Men & Women?  MACA is an adaptogen herb. This means the herb will work in the body according to the needs, age and gender of the person using MACA. If a woman is entering menopause and is perimenopausal, begins having symptoms related to a change in hormone production such as fatigue, night sweats, dizziness or palpitations, it is very likely her hormones are no longer being produced in amounts that can work in concert with each other. For example, her estrogen production may be normal but her progesterone production is unable to keep up with it. Or, as she begins menopause, her estrogen production may drop off leaving her with too much progesterone. Or the production of both these hormones could be too low for her to maintain a good quality of life before and after menopause. MACA has been shown to promote the body's production of the proper amounts of hormones to maintain health. Even in men testosterone levels will increase, sexual potency will be maintained throughout a man's lifetime.  See Men's Health

Who Is Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici ? Gloria Chacon de Popovici, PhD, is the biologist from South America who, in 1960, isolated the 4 alkaloids responsible for the medicinal and nutritional effects of MACA. Dr. Chacon, who has worked with the United Nations and Universities in both North and South America, lives a powerful commitment to bring the knowledge of MACA to countries concerned with hormonally related illnesses, malnutrition and osteoporosis. A Healthy Alternative, LLC, assists Dr. Chacon in the United States to fulfill that commitment.     CLICK HERE FOR BIO

Are There Testimonials From User's Of MACA ? Internationally there are thousand's of men and women who have used MACA (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon) Here is what some of them are saying.

What Do Maca User's Say?

How Effective is MACA For Fertility ? MACA has been known to increase a  women's ability to conceive rather dramatically. This happens because of MACA's ability to promote the production of the Luteneinizing Hormone (LH). The LH causes ovulation. MACA has also been shown to increase sperm counts in men. Research studies on animals were conducted by Dr. Gloria Chacon and Dr. with extremely successful results in almost all cases! (These studies will be published later on this year.)

Are There Any Side Effect's ? After hundreds of years of use as a food in South America and the recent extensive increase in the consumption of MACA in this country there are no known side effects. However, ongoing concerns exist about the species and purity of MACA being sold. For this reason Imperial Gold Maca™ is certified by Dr. Gloria Chacon as the species and purity of MACA (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon) and as having been grown in accordance with her discoveries 40 years ago.

What Is The Difference Between Other MACA And Yours ? other species of MACA like plants grow wild and at low altitudes in parts of Bolivia, Argentina and Peru. The MACA like plants are then harvested under less than optimal conditions with flowers and weeds that grow at these lower altitudes. Not all Maca are the same, with reduced medicinal properties they serve of minimal value. Because there are numerous species of plant, the most effective is those grown above 13,000 feet above sea level where the mineral rich soil lives.  

Imperial Gold Maca is guaranteed to be grown at the proper altitude of 13000 feet and above. No other plants grow at this altitude.  Imperial Gold Maca is 100% pure premium organic MACA root and is guaranteed to be the  correct species and to contain the alkaloids that have the medicinal properties. 
See Maca Composition

Can Children Use Maca ? Dr. Gloria Chacon has performed tests over a period of time with the assistance of Dr. Jorge Aguila Calderon and Dr. Freddy Madrid Gironda on local children in Peru, with similar results as adults received. Children who had trouble with attention and staying focused, were relieved considerably of these symptoms, in addition, they become more alert and calmer. 

What Is Standardized Maca ? True medicinal plants grow naturally and are available through harvesting and old fashioned farming. In the last few years the term STANDARDIZED has come into the botanical market place which is the laboratory version of herbs. We at A Healthy Alternative, LLC believe that pharmaceutical quality just doesn't agree with our all natural philosophy,  We use only the finest and best premium quality organic MACA root, and that is why Imperial Gold Macais so popular and effective. Just ask our customers who have tried other brands and came loyally back to Imperial Gold Maca

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