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Eight Steps To Silkier Skin

Our modern lifestyles and diet can damage our skin and its collagen by destroying enzymes and creating free radicals. This in turn decreases skin flexibility and elasticity. Excessive free radical damage can result in leathery skin, wrinkles and even skin cancer.
The best line of defense is prevention. So be good to your skin and try following these 8 simple steps. Your skin will be glad you did.
1) Your skin needs plenty of fluid to keep it hydrated and to minimize wrinkling. So drink lots of water - 8 to 10 glasses every day.
2) Diet is important. Eat plenty of fresh enzyme-rich fruits and vegetables such as avocados, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, mangos, wheat grass and sprouts, the richest source.
3) Your face will reflect the first signs of fatigue so get plenty of rest.
4) If you smoke, quit.
5) Minimize alcohol intake.
6) Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
7) Help nourish your skin by using skin-care products that contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
8) Improve circulation and enzymatic activity by exercising.