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Have A Special Project? Need A Price Quote On Vitamins And Herb Products? Give Us A Call For All Your Needs. Our Specialty Is Formulations.

Production Facilities

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Blending and Mixing: High-volume, precision master batch blending of formulation ingredients is performed before the tableting or encapsulation begins.
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Encapsulation: Fully-automated, high-speed encapsulation equipment produces a wide range of large volume, highest-quality Vitamin Power capsule formulations.
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Tablet Coating:
Large rotating coating pans apply micro-thin coating (pharmaceutical glaze) to tablets to help protect potency and purity while allowing increased palatability.
quality_control_01.jpg (4937 bytes)Quality-Control Laboratory: State-of-the-art laboratory testing instrumentation (including HPLC - High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) for specific analysis assuring optimum potency, purity, stability and disintegration in compliance with U.S.P. standards.
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Tableting: Direct-compression tableting equipment produces highest-quality tablets in a variety of specific sizes and shapes to suit each formulation.
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Tablet/Capsule Counting Machines: Pharmaceutical bottling systems, utilizing "electronic-eye" digital technology fill bottles with consistent accuracy for each production lot.
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Precision encapsulation equipment to produce highest-quality herbal capsule products.
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Packaging Department: Automated packaging lines for accurate, high-speed bottling, tamper-proof sealing, lot number and expiration date imprinting and product labeling.
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Order Picking: Computerized inventory control system enables our dedicated staff to fill your orders quickly and accurately.
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Fully-Stocked Finished Goods Inventory: Carefully-monitored inventory control system and storage in  temperature/humidity controlled warehouse assures consistent, factory-fresh shipments.
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Order Packaging and Shipping:
All orders are double-checked to assure accuracy, then carefully-packaged for shipping worldwide.