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What is Osteoporosis ?

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Osteoporosis, resulting in brittle bones, is a "silent thief" -- it robs your bones of calcium. There are no early warning signs until the disease results in broken bones. The skeleton becomes weakened
and a minor fall can result in a fractured hip or wrist. Bones are not lifeless mineral deposits. Bones are constantly changing. They are dynamic, however, after menopause. They begin to break down.

Some Men & Women Are at Greater Risk 
of Developing Osteoporosis:


                   These Risks Include:

  • A Family History of Osteoporosis
  • Age - the Older You Are, the Greater the Risk
  • Race - White and Oriental Women are At Higher Risk.
  • Small and Thin Women are At Greater Risk
  • Smoking Increases Your Risk
  • Little or No Exercise Increases Your Risk
  • Medications & Diseases - Cortisone or Thyroid Hormone, for Example, Can Increase Your Risk.
  • Early Menopause, Either Naturally or From Surgery.
  • A Sediment Life Style
  • A Poor Diet History

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Normal Bone Tissue
Normal Bone Tissue
Osteoporotic Tissue Showing Bone Deterioration
Osteoporotic Tissue

Women Are At Highest Risk For Osteoporosis
Women's Health


There are signs of late osteoporosis. They can include back pain, height loss, a curving spine, a history of broken bones or a recent broken bone.

There is an accurate way of determining if osteoporosis is present. It is called Bone Densitometry. This test can often detect osteoporosis in the early stages before broken bones occur. The test can also be used to track bone response to treatment. Bone Densitometry is similar to an x-ray. There is also a urine test called Osteomark® which can help determine if bone loss is occurring at a dangerous rate.

Men Get Osteoporosis, Also

Osteoporosis has long been associated with menopause, and thought to only affect women. But a startling two million men in America suffer from osteoporosis today, and another three million are at risk for developing it, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation.
“As our life expectancies increase, so will the prevalence of osteoporosis among men and women,” explains Dr.Takuo Fujita,  president of the Osteoporosis Foundation of Japan. While menopause does speed the loss of bone mineral density in women due to hormonal changes and other factors, Dr. Fujita notes, “These changes in men will occur at a slow and steady pace if they 
live long enough.”

And they have. About 100,000 men suffer an osteoporosis-related 
hip-fracture each year; one third of them die within one year of complications such as pneumonia. In addition, a significant number of men who were ambulatory before their hip fractures required long-term care afterwards.

                                                 A Natural Remedy
There is good news for men and women. As the medical community begins to recognize the risks men face, more osteoporosis research is focusing on them. And Imperial Gold Maca™, the dietary herbal supplement that actually builds bone mineral density, is a naturally effective way to keep men’s and women's bones strong and healthy. Read More About Maca


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